Empanada Veggie…8

sweet potato,leeks & herb cream (2pcs)


Plantain chips & avocado cream

Portobello ceviche…€8,50

Vegetarian style ceviche, with portobello and leche de tigre

Veggie Saltado…€8,50

Authentic Peruvian stir fry with veggies

Sweet potato fries...€7,50

Sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo

Padron pepers ….€7,50

Grilled padron peppers, with yuzu dressing and smoked salt


Yucca Frita…€7,50
Deep fried cassave fries with Huacatay sauce



Fried plantain, advocado cream topping, onions and chili flakes

Arroz Huancaina…€7,50

A risotto style rice with cream of Peruvian Huancaina sauce 


Grilled fresh vegetables 

The center of attention on the table, and remember sharing is caring!  

Fill the table with little bites / tapas / pica y pica mucho mas... Or a little bit next to the cocktail. Or maybe as a side, you decide…


Empanada Aji… €7,50

Yellow Peruvian pepper & chicken pastry (2pcs)

Empanada Medoza…€7,50
Authentic Argentinian ground beef empanada with raisins, egg, olives & chimichurri (2pcs)



A selection of cuts and cheese with home made dulce de batata


Tartare de Buen Ayre... €12,50

Delicious Tartare made from Argentinian Black Label angus beef

Our delicious Argentinian cuts, and mucho mas!


Bife Chorizo… €9,25

Black Label Argentinian entrecote (120gr)


Black Label Argentinian Rib Eye (100gr)

Bife Ancho….€24,75 

Black Argentinian Rib Eye (300gr)


Pork Belly Marinated in Salmuera (brine herbs 200gr)


Pulguita de Pollo…€8

Homemade oven baked buns, stuffed with chicken cream, potato chips and lettuce

Pulguita de Carne…€8

Homemade oven baked buns, stuffed with spice beef roast

Nikkei Wings…€7,50

Sweet, spicy, sticky chicken wings 

Lomo Saltado…€10

Autentic Peruvian stir fry, with amazing contrast in flavours

Don't forget the delicious side dishes and salsas.


Empanada Atun…€7,50

Home made tua empanadas with onion & jalapeno pickle (2pcs)


Deep frie calamers with lemon mayo dip 

Ceviche classico…€12,50

Authentic Peruvian ceviche, with fress seabass, sweet potato, toasted corn, onion and leche de tigre

Ceviche Nikkei…€12,50

Delicious tuna ceviche, with watermelon , soy, advocado and wonton

Gambas al ajuillo…€8,50

Gamabas cooked in garlic and chili infused oil, presented in a sizzling hotpot


Squid cooked in salsa anticucho



Deep fried baby squid with lemon and soy dip 



Fresh tomato salad, with onions, vinagre and olive oil

Grilled Beetroot salad…€5

Fresh green salad with grilled beetroot


Season salad…€5

Salad with seasonal ingredients



Our homemade churro with a guilty pleasure chocolate dip


Mix of seasonal fruits with fig, orange pisco syrup


Dulce de Leche lava cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate

When you don't feel like choosing, when you want to be surprised with flavours and our recommendations, ask our chef for his choice .



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